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  • Top 10 Riesling Producers

    Here’s another stab at a great list of producers, this time my favorite Riesling producers, in fact. Like all of the other top 10 producer lists, this one...

  • Italian White Wines Worth Tasting

    Are you drinking enough Italian whites? Probably not. In fact, you’ve probably never even heard of some of these wines! I found a wine new to me as well,...

  • Pairing White Rhone Wines with Food

    When most people think of the Northern Rhone, they don't think of white wine. It's really no surprise that Viognier (one of the principal white grapes of the...

  • Top 5 White Rhone Varieties

    We’re celebrating white Rhône varietals in this go around of Snooth’s Global Tasting Initiative. I hear many of you asking, “Why would you do that,...

  • 10 White Wines for Spring

    Spring has definitely sprung around these parts and while I am fully cognizant of the fact that I'm going to get caught in a trap, I'm thinking of my wines...

  • New York State White Wines

    White wines tend to be more forgiving than red wines. The worst a winemaker can extract from an unripe white wine is high acid and lean, citrussy flavors....

  • White Dessert Wine

    With all the focus on dessert and cookies during the holiday season, it is no surprise that this is also dessert wine season. Seems that along with desserts,...

  • What to Drink Now

    As I’m writing this series of tasting exploration, you can see the previous editions here, I am repeatedly pointing out that many wines can be slotted into...

  • What to Drink Now

    We’re finally at the end of our series on the exploration of white wine styles and while the previous editions primarily focused on the inherent character...

  • Tasting Gewurztraminer

    Speaking of spicy white wines, as I was just yesterday, there's no wine more associated with spice than Gewurztraminer, which literally means the spicy one...

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