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  • Top Syrah Wines $25 and Up

    While it would be easy to continue my diatribe of sorts against producers of Syrah, I am willing to make some exceptions. You see to my mind, the...

  • Top Syrah Wines $12-$25

    So Syrah has an identity crisis, but what are you supposed to do about it? That’s a good question, and the answer is quite limited by the information that...

  • Syrah Travel Guide

    If you’re going to travel in search of Syrah, there is only one destination in my book: The Rhône Valley. On the steep slopes that flank the Rhône River,...

  • Pairing Syrah from Around the World

    Whether it is classic reds from the Northern-Rhone, rich and powerful Aussie Shiraz or the dark and sultry Californian expression of the Rhone Rangers, Syrah...

  • Top 10 Syrah Producers

    Syrah has a problem. Actually, it’s a crisis- an identity crisis. While producing world class Syrah (Shiraz), they have failed to capture the imaginations...

  • The $2500 Wine Cellar, part 2

    And we’re back. Just to refresh your memory, I’m laying out suggestions for building a wine cellar on a budget. That’s how we’ll start and will build...

  • Don't Drink That, Drink This! (part 2)

    Last time, I took a look at expensive wines and made some suggestions for finding relative values. Today, let’s look at cheap wines. You can buy a lot of...

  • New World Syrah

    Syrah gets no respect. This versatile grape just has too many things working against it for it to really go mainstream. Consider that one of its greatest...

  • 7 Great Rhone Valley Wines

    The Rhone is a paradoxical place when it comes to wine. Pretty much dominated by Grenache-based blends, you’ll find they’re priced from mere dollars a...

  • Syrah-based Blends

    Two weeks ago, I wrote about Grenache and in particular Grenache-based blends. In many of these blends, Syrah plays a supporting role, helping to beef up the...

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