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  • Ribera del Duero VT: Revisited

    The Ribera del Duero, one of Spain’s premier regions for producing top quality wine, has undergone a bit of a revolution over the past two decades or so....

  • Pairing with Spanish Classics

    Sometimes one feels like a nut, sometimes one doesn’t. I may be reaching here, but I love the simplicity of this statement, and to paraphrase while...

  • Holiday Guide to Cava

    If your budget can’t afford Champagne, and you’ve had one too many glasses of prosecco this year, consider ringing in 2013 with Spain’s popular...

  • Cava and Other Sparklers

    Cava, Cava, Cava, Cava, Cava Chameleon. You come and go, you come and go. Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams, Red gold and green, red...

  • Top 9 Spanish Wines

    Spain is a huge country that produces tons of wine, but we often get caught up in tasting wines from only its most famous regions. I repeatedly hear what...

  • What the Hell is Monastrell?

    It’s a good question. Many people are not familiar with the grape, also known as Mourvedre, Mazuelo and Mataro. Also, a lot of producers aren’t...

  • Spain and Portugal Wine Pairings

    It’s funny how people like to stay within their comfort zones. When most of us get into wine, it’s usually a question of French or Italian. As we explore...

  • A Tale of Two Rivers

    Spain is an enchanted destination for all types of travelers. There are castles from the Middle Ages, celebrated works of contemporary architecture, rustic...

  • La Mancha's 2012 U.S. Road Shows

    Among vines and windmills...…the sun sets across a plain in La Mancha (Spain). It’s a place whose name escapes me, but a winemaking tradition continues...

  • Leap Year Wines

    You have an extra day, what will you celebrate with? I've given his some thought. My first idea was to recommend all Extra Dry and Extra Brut sparkling...

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