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  • The Year in Pictures

    All of Snooth's e-mails have images attached to them, some many more than one, as some have been quick to point out. Even with so many images it's not always...

  • Tips for Party Planning

    Getting ready for a holiday party should be fun but, with so many things to worry about, it’s not surprising that it can also be stressful. How much ice...

  • Last-Minute Gifts for Wine Lovers

    Man, you like to cut it close, don’t you? Waiting till the last minute can net you some great discounts, but it can also leave you holding the bag. And...

  • Dessert Wines for the Holidays

    Dessert wines rarely seem to get their due. The idea of finishing one’s meal with something sweet is pretty common, so it is surprising how little dessert...

  • Snooth West Coast Wines of the Year 2010

    It’s time to now reveal the final winner in our Vintage of the Year, Winery of the Year, Wine Region of the Year, and Wines of the Year series. Time for...

  • 10 Wines to Buy for Holiday Gifts

    With the holidays in full swing I know we’re all looking for gifting guidance. Sometimes the hardest gifts to buy are those for the people you know the...

  • Classic Sonoma Wine and Cheese Pairings

    When we think of Sonoma we tend to think of wine, and that’s a good thing… but Sonoma has so much more to offer! What could be better than classic Sonoma...

  • Top Napa Cabs

    Cabernet Sauvignon: It’s one of the big daddies of the wine world, and the wines from California, in particular Napa Valley, can compete with the best, and...

  • 8 Great, Affordable Wine Gifts

    Looking for that perfect gift for your wine lover? Well, it can be a frustrating and exhausting search. The obvious answer is to buy a bottle of wine. But...

  • 2009 Dolcettos

    I have opted for a vintage and a grape that is remarkably readily available, with wines that are almost all truly affordable and that are drinking well today...

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