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  • The Wines of Scarpa

    Casa Vinicola Scarpa is a venerable house, producing, among other wines, Barolo and Barbera that virtually no one in the States is familiar with. Not...

  • November's Top Searched for Items on Snooth

    With Thanksgiving behind us, I thought it would be interactive to see what's been searched on Snooth over these past 30 days and compare them to last...

  • What is Hot in 2011?

    With January behind us, and everyone -- yours truly included -- making predictions about what’s hot and what’s not these days, it’s a good time to take...

  • Aglianico - January 2011

    While this article is putatively about Aglianico, I find myself in the unfortunate spot of having tried many Aglianicos, only to find them not available in...

  • Snooth Vintage of the Year

    It’s finally time. Wines of the Year time, that is. Well, in fact, more than Wines of the Year. For the first time, I'm picking Snooth's Winery of the...

  • The Best of Spain and Portugal

    For better or worse, the wines of Spain and Portugal get lumped together in many people’s minds. This has as much to do with the countries sharing the...


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