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  • Nantucket Bay Scallops

    With Valentine’s Day approaching we in the food and wine writing business start to focus on the obligatory food and wine article designed to guide you all...

  • Two Great Wine and Food Pairings from Highfield Estate

    Sometimes, a wine and food pairing takes you by surprise even though it fits into the general rules of food and wine pairing. Consider salmon, which seems...

  • Salmon Recipes from Highfield Estate

    Two great salmon recipes for pairing with Sauvignon Blanc, straight from the kitchen of Highfield Estate.

  • Pairing Wine with Grilled Fish

    Summer’s end is closing in on us, as witnessed by the encroaching darkness that makes grilling more and more of a challenge each weekend. I lament the...

  • Pairing Sauvignon Blanc

    Spring is here with summer around the corner, and although I will miss the big, structured red wines that I love so much, this time of year has me longing...

  • What Wine with a Clambake?

    What could be better than summertime? A summertime clambake! That's right, clambakes with sausages, corn, potatoes, shrimp, and lobster are a Northeast...

  • Smack Talk Seafood

    Here we are in our next installment of Smack Talk, where Greg and I go head-to-head in offering up our favorite pairings for a host of delectable eats. We...


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