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  • Tasting Beaucastel

    Sometimes the wine gods conspire against you. I actually knew something like this was coming. Things had been going too well for too long. I recently thought...

  • Wines Then and Now : Part 2

    This is the second part in a three part series on wine prices over the past decade. Part one can be found here, and today I follow up with part two, a look...

  • Guide to Rhone Blends

    I’ve been tasting a few Rhone style blends of as of late, and am looking forward to a small vertical of Chateau Beaucastel Chateauneuf-du-Pape covering the...

  • 2010 Northern Rhone

    I don’t do Syrah justice on these pages. Coming from around the world, the wines often do not get the distribution they need because of a soft market. On...

  • Top 5 White Rhone Varieties

    We’re celebrating white Rhône varietals in this go around of Snooth’s Global Tasting Initiative. I hear many of you asking, “Why would you do that,...

  • Don't Drink That, Drink This!

    Wine prices getting you down? Tired of feeling like you’re getting screwed every time you buy a bottle of wine? Well, there are options. I’m not saying...

  • The Best of Wine Spectator

    Yes, I do read the Wine Spectator from time to time. Today, I was lucky enough to grab the office copy as it came in and sat down to thumb through it before...

  • 7 Great Rhone Valley Wines

    The Rhone is a paradoxical place when it comes to wine. Pretty much dominated by Grenache-based blends, you’ll find they’re priced from mere dollars a...

  • Wines for the Cellar - Southern France

    The other week, I started picking through the great wines of France, highlighting the great cellarable wines of France that aspiring wine collectors should...

  • Snooth Wine Region of the Year 2010

    Next in our series on Snooth Vintage, Region, Winery and West Coast Wines of the Year is Region of the Year. In 2010, the 2007 Southern Rhône wines hit the...

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