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  • Old Wine

    Old wine -- What is good for? Absolutely nothing. Aww, say it again. Huh! Right, while many bottles of old wine are indeed worth quite close to absolutely...

  • Bucket List Wines: California

    I’m moving on with my bucket list wines with a nice follow up to the last installment, one which featured super expensive wines that most of us will...

  • Super Expensive Bucket List Wines

    Recently, I’ve been counting down my bucket list wines of various categories in a series of emails. Even though I’ve tried to be clear as day that my...

  • Tasting Scion: A Piece of History

    It’s rare to taste a wine that is over a century old. Rarer still is it to taste one that has been kept in the same place for 150 years and that comes from...

  • Most Expensive French Wines

    If you ever wondered if price is some sort of corollary with quality in wine, I’m here to answer your question. The answer is yes, and no, sometimes, but...

  • Rare Wines

    Well, there are wines you dream about, and then there are wines you can only dream about. Rarity plays an important role in the pricing of the most expensive...


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