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  • 2000 Barolo

    While getting ready to make my annual pilgrimage to Piedmont, I like to get reacquainted with some of the wines. I already have a tasting of 2008 Barolo, a...

  • Only In Piedmont

    I'm sitting here in Piedmont on a beautiful late spring day, lamenting the coming rains as well as the masses of tourists. The fact that this spring has been...

  • Chianti for Every Day

    Often overlooked, and suffering still from its days in straw covered fiasci, Chianti continues to offer great value to the savvy shopper. A large region of...

  • PVA White Wines of Italy Seminar

    Italy, the land of vines, it's confusing as heck, right? You bet it is, which is why I took advantage of the opportunity to conduct a tour of the white wines...

  • Italian White Wines for Spring

    Enotria, the land of vines, was the ancient Greek name for Italy and a very appropriate one at that. Today much of Italian white wine is dominated by a...

  • Wines Then and Now : Part 2

    This is the second part in a three part series on wine prices over the past decade. Part one can be found here, and today I follow up with part two, a look...

  • Cappellano Dinner

    There is not much new information one can write about Theobaldo Cappellano, a sometimes divisive winemaker with whom I was once fortunate to spend the better...

  • Wine to Pair with the Feast of the Seven Fishes

    While this is a classic Italian, and more specifically Southern Italian, way of celebrating Christmas Eve, its broad appeal is undeniable. What could be...

  • The Food and Wine of Alto Adige

    Having recently returned from a trip to Trentino and the Alto Adige, my mind is insistent on reminding me of the wonderful food and wine I enjoyed while...

  • The Best of 2008 Barolo

    s many of you already know, Barolo is my favorite wine. I look forward to my annual visits to the region, where I taste several hundred wines each year. As...

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