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  • My Epiphany Wine

    I was well on my way to ruin by the winter of 1985, though it had not yet become apparent to me. My days as a wine-loving college student were fairly...

  • Bordeaux Prices

    A look at the price relative bottles of Bordeaux fetch these days, and what else you might get for that money!

  • Roses of Provence

    Cezanne, van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Braque, Munch, Monet. Quite the list of famous painters, and no they weren’t also winemakers. The artiste as...

  • New World Viognier

    Viognier. It’s hard to pronounce and tough to figure out. Right? Well, no, it’s easy to pronounce [vee-yo-nyay] and fairly easy to figure out versions...

  • Louis Jadot Tasting

    A vintage like 2009 is perfect for those just beginning to explore the region, as well as those with more familiarity. Its youthful exuberance makes it...

  • 2009 Burgundy

    Burgundy. We’re talking rarified ground, even hallowed ground to some. But there is hope for even the common man when it comes to Burgundy, though...

  • South of France

    The last time I wrote about the value wines of France, I began by working on a premise that was to include the entire South of France. As I began to write, I...

  • Wines for the Cellar - Southern France

    The other week, I started picking through the great wines of France, highlighting the great cellarable wines of France that aspiring wine collectors should...

  • Top Values from Drouhin

    Joseph Drouhin is one of the finest négociants not only in Burgundy, but in the world. The family produces wines in classic négociant fashion, as well as...

  • 20 New Wines from Burgundy

    Burgundy is one of the most difficult wine-producing regions to wrap one’s head around. It has been called a minefield for decades and continues to present...

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