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  • Eric Guido's Pasta Alla Norma

    It’s strange as I sit here in the same backyard that I grew up in. I feel like that’s not typical these days. People growing up in a house, in a...

  • Pairing Sparkling Wine

    I never gave sparkling wine a fair shake (no pun intended). Like most people, my first exposures to sparkling wines were New Year’s Eve parties as a kid....

  • Pairing Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir has become a serious contender in the world of fine wine. There was a time when the name Pinot Noir was an obscurity amongst the average wine...

  • Spain and Portugal Wine Pairings

    It’s funny how people like to stay within their comfort zones. When most of us get into wine, it’s usually a question of French or Italian. As we explore...

  • Pairing Merlot

    Thinking back, I can remember a time when Merlot was all the craze. It was widely popular and one of the most planted varieties around the world. Now, I find...

  • Pairing Northern Italian Reds

    Northern Italy presents the foodie with an arsenal of food-friendly wines made in a multitude of styles. As you look at each region of Northern Italy, you...

  • Pairing Pinot Gris

    The Pinot grape is something of a chameleon and not just because of the variety of colors it can be found in. Pinot Gris, a mutation of the Pinot Noir...

  • Pairing Zinfandel

    It’s the dog days of summer. During these times I find myself most often at the grill. Whether it’s a weeknight, weekend or holiday, the grill is where I...

  • Pairing Riesling

    I find it funny that Riesling is always hailed as one of the greatest (if the not the greatest) white wine varieties and yet so few people have it in their...

  • Pairing Rose

    The wine world is suddenly catching on; there’s nothing wrong with drinking rosé. In my time, I’ve heard people talk down rosé more than any other...

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