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  • What We've Been Reading

    Brad Baker is the Champagne Warrior, and he is fighting for consumers. The world of Champagne is surprisingly complex and judging it by tasting the large...

  • Introducing Snooth Media

    We announced on Tuesday that Rich Tomko would become the new CEO of Snooth. I started Snooth on November 17, 2006 -- nearly four years ago to the day. Since...

  • Wine 101: What is Wine?

    We all love wine -- that goes without saying -- but do we really understand what wine is? Sure, in its purest form, it’s grape juice gone “bad," but...

  • Six Wines for a Cheap Drunk

    Someone recently asked me what I drink when I just want to drink. Well, actually, they asked what I drink when I just want to get drunk. While it's a...

  • Rocking it with Roda

    Bodegas Roda is a new addition to the Rioja landscape. Nestled in the Alta Rioja among many grand old Bodegas, Mario Rottlant and Carmen Daurella had a...

  • Sangiovese - A Baker's Dozen

    Sangiovese's claim to fame is its role as the heart of Chianti, Brunello and many Super Tuscan wines, though it is gaining ground as a varietal wine around...

  • Alsace and Washington State's Seven Hills

    Alsace, that sliver of France hard up against the German border, has frequently posed a problem to even the sophisticated wine drinker. While the labels of...

  • The Romance & Joy of Chianti!

    Ah, Chianti! The very word eloquently rolls off the tongue regardless of the command of your language. It denotes a celebration of life unconditionally!...

  • What's news on Snooth 10/12/09

    The Columbus Day Edition: Key influences in the life and times of Christoffa Corombo

  • Sitges Mostra de Vins

    It’s a while since I went around wineries in a bikini. Actually, I think the Sitges Mostra de Vins might be a first. To roll just 100m from the surf’s...

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