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  • Top Chardonnay Destination

    With our discussion of Chardonnay in full swing during #GTiChardonnay, I pondered the question, “Where would I most want to drink Chardonnay?” There are...

  • 5 Top Pairings for Chardonnay

    I’ve been letting people know about my recent rediscovery of Chardonnay. While so many bottles get drained as a cocktail wine, the most successful of those...

  • Top 5 Chardonnay Wines from 2011

    I don’t know what is happening to me, this past year has seen my consumption of Chardonnay explode from close to zero to several bottles a month! What...

  • Chardonnay $12-$20

    There’s a real jump up in quality once you pass the $12 mark in Chardonnay. It’s actually surprising what a twenty can get you, whether you’re looking...

  • Chardonnay $20-$30

    With this list I’m focusing on the recently tasted Chardonnays in the $20 to $30 price bracket. At this price point, you can really get exceptional wines,...

  • My Favorite Chardonnay Wines

    Why am I drinking Chardonnay when it’s freezing out? Because it is simply always time for Chardonnay. I have to laugh while writing this, not too long ago...

  • Virginia Wine Trail: Declaration of Epicurean

    The Chardonnay at Pollak Vineyards tasted of crème brulée and fig. Or was that the Viognier? After our fourth Virginia Charlottesville-Piedmont region...

  • Top Wine Values of 2011

    Every year, wine reviewers try to anoint their top ‘fill in a number here’ wines.You know, those lists that make a wine’s original value triple in...

  • Don't Drink That, Drink This!

    Wine prices getting you down? Tired of feeling like you’re getting screwed every time you buy a bottle of wine? Well, there are options. I’m not saying...

  • Chardonnay to Buy Now

    I was a bit surprised when I looked around at my recent Chardonnay tasting notes. Surprised specifically at which had the broadest national distribution....

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