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  • 2007 Brunello

    When word of the Italian Wine Masters tasting hit my inbox, I was quick to hit the reply button. In the years I’ve been writing and attending tastings, I...

  • The $5000 Cellar, Part 1

    I’ve been sharing some cellar building tips over the past few weeks. In three parts, I’ve laid out details to help you start building a small but varied...

  • 2006 Brunello

    Brunello is back! At least that’s what many in the wine media would have you believe. As you might recall, Brunello-gate hit the wine world in 2008. People...

  • Reviews of 2006 Brunello

    In all honesty, I’ve found a lot to like in 2006 Brunello, but that doesn’t necessarily make this the vintage to buy. You might be better off sourcing...

  • Rosso di Anywhere

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you have heard the news that Montalcino producers, in a landslide vote, rejected a proposal to allow international...

  • Losing Our Heritage

    As some of you might know, the producer's association of Brunello di Montalcino narrowly prevented a vote earlier this year that would have allowed producers...

  • Most Expensive Italian Wines

    Italy is a country with a very long history of making wine, but unlike the French, for instance, the Italians have not done a particularly good job in...


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