I recently tasted some older Bordeaux with a few writers and Snoothers here in New York. Some words have already been written about the evening, in part by myself, but primarily by fellow attendees. A few people have communicated privately with me to ask about the wines and my impressions, so I figured I would take the time to write up my notes and add a few thoughts and impressions.

First off, this was a wine philanthropy tasting. It is my personal belief that those of us who had the means to buy great wines in our youths owe something for that privilege. This debt is paid off by sharing the wines with those who were not as fortunate or, even better, with those who will not be as fortunate. I came of age in a time when outrageously expensive wines were $50, wines that were great but expensive were $25 and wines of character could be had for $10.

Photo courtesy Megan Mallen via Flickr/CC