Start a fight at Thanksgiving with these wine grapes.


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This white wine grape is indigenous to Italy’s Campania region, but most likely of Greek origin. Falanghina thrives throughout the provinces of Avellino, Benevento, Caserta, Napoli and Salerno. It produces a supple dry white with nuances of fruity vanilla notes. The various soils of Campania impart a panoply of distinct flavors. The Greeks taught the Romans to train vines by staking them to a pole (phalanga), thus the name Falanghina. There’s also an assumed relationship, based on the name, between Falanghina and Falernum, the most expensive and sought-after wine in the Roman Empire. Although Falernum is no longer available, you can find a nice bottle of Falanghina from Cantina del Taburno.

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