Start a fight at Thanksgiving with these wine grapes.


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Start a fight at Thanksgiving with these wine grapes. Yesterday we focused on consensus wine grapes. The grapes enjoy name recognition, and they won’t threaten the wine newbies at your holiday table. Wine geeks, however, shouldn’t hesitate to share their arcane wine knowledge. Just make sure you have an Everyman wine at your disposal in case your recommendations fall flat.

This Thanksgiving we are grateful to know that people want more wine. Overall wine consumption in the United States increased by 400 million gallons between 1993 and 2018. That’s an additional 1.6 billion bottles over twenty-three years.

Help spread the joy of unique wine grapes this holiday season. People are listening, and it’s really easy. Perhaps you’re already armed with some curious grapes. If not, here are a few favorites to start the conversation. Will they spark dissensus? It’s all delicious wine, enjoyed during one of the United States’ most widely observed holidays – so the answer is, probably not.

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