I am still toying with the shape and tone of this blog so forgive me as I feel my way. This week I feel compelled to comment on some Italian-wine news that has been filtering in over the last few weeks.

I included a throw away reference to Lambrusco in this space a few weeks ago and that simple act has opened my eyes to the onrush of Lambrusco related press floating around out there. ‘Brusco is the sparkly wine from Italy's Emilia - Romagna region which is often cited as Italy's stomach and has been a favorite of mine for years owing to its flexibility as a food wine and its unpretentious drinkability. The quality and quantity of Lambrusco available in the United States has been increasing swiftly over the last few years and recently the Consorzio dei Lambruschi Modenesi announced the bottling of its 500 millionth bottle. Additionally, one of my favorite producers, Lini, had a nice write-up in Men's Vogue of all places. I recommend the article for its no nonsense approach and for also linking to Riunite commercials from the 70s that will have some of you cringing and others just shaking their heads.