If you're not familiar with the Spirit Shoppe allow me to make an introduction. I first became aware of this fine store and their wonderful assortment of wines, Italian in particular, via an email some three years ago. I have remained an enthusiastic customer of theirs not only because of the great deals they offer, 15% on mixed cases, but also because of their service and attention to detail.

While I have always been attracted to the Spirit Shoppe's Italian selection, they carry a wide range of wines at all price points that are sure to appeal to all palates. From the lovely Santedame Extra Dry Prosecco, with it's fleshy feel and touch of sweetness accentuating the wines floral tones and notes of dried peach fruits ($12.99), to the rarest of the rare, 1999 Screaming Eagle anyone? ($2499.99/$2124.99 in a mixed case), the Spirit Shoppe has the wine for you.

 The Spirit Shoppe offers a 15% Case Discount

on mixed cases, 12 or more bottles Excludes sale items