Veuve Clicquot NV Brut – With a slightly cheesy note on the nose that, along with the patissiere tones, recalls cheese Danish this offers good complexity with ample yellow fruit and floral tones.  Classic Veuve on the palate, a touch sweet, soft, caressing and easy with plenty of yellow fruit in a somewhat simple package. 88pts

Mumm Napa Cuvee M – Really wonderfully fresh and clean on the nose with bright high tones of root vegetables, rhubarb, arugula, and a touch of peach. In the mouth this is quite sweet and should probably be labeled as demi-sec. it’s got tons of fruit to back up all the sugar and good acids for balance but the fruit flavors are too rich and sweet to allow the wine to reveal much detail. 87pts

Iron Horse 2004 Ultra Brut – Very direct and obvious nose with a huge pumpkin note. On the palate this is very dry with a sculpted texture that is very precise with mineral and chalk tones and crisp pear fruit. This lacks the length that the sugar of higher dosage wines creates. 87pts

Gruet NV Brut - This is light and bright with a lovely, fresh nose of apples ready for pie, touched with a little lemon and spice and just the faintest notion of butter crust. In the mouth the wine is a bit more linear than the nose would suggest but it offers up a balanced mouthful of moderately intense fruit with good length. 87pts

Schramsberg NV Blanc de Noir – Fruity and floral on the nose with light cherry and earth tones. On the palate this comes off as a tad coarse and subdued with yellow cherry fruit tones and a soft, simple, fruit driven finish. 87pts

Domaine Chandon Brut Classic - Lightly yeasty and toasty scents meld with notes of hazelnut and dried orchard fruits on the nose. In the mouth this is a bit coarse with an intense core of fruity apple, nectarine and citrus fruits. The finish is pretty short but offers a hint of marzipan to help add some contrast. 86pts

Santa Margherita NV Prosecco - Citrussy and briochy on the nose with notes of apricot filled powdered doughnuts.  This has a slightly buttery edge on the palate to the clean pear and peach toned fruits that are a touch sweet, yet regain a bit of snap on the finish. 86pts

Cameron Hughes Lot 25 Sparkling Wine – This has a huge, cheesy, brie accented nose of toasted nuts. In the mouth this is very fruity with notes of pear, persimmons, apples and honey and noticeably sweet as well with a long, honied finish. 86pts

Oriel Prosecoo 365 – With sweet notes of peaches and pears this is offers a simple but appealing nose. Solid acids battle the sugar on the palate and allow the nice ginger and apricot flavors to drape across the palate and linger aromatically on the finish. 86pts