Every so often South African wine gets props, but it seems like there has to be some external impetus to remind people of these often-wonderful wines. The World Cup last year caused some minor ripples in the wine world, but we’ve all been waiting for years to see the South African wine wave crest and break.

I like this wave analogy, and sadly have been using it for too long when it comes to South African wines. You see, I think of people in the wine business, those jaded women and men (like me), who’ve been there and done that as surfers. We paddle out far from the shore and catch the wine waves way before they ever reach the shore and the general public. Now, the surfers may catch a great ride, and the wave breaks on the shore as well, but sometimes we catch a great ride, only to see the wave peter out just before it reaches the shore. I keep on getting the impression that this is the case with South Africa’s wines.

I’ve been hoping for their arrival for years, for no other reason than the simple fact that they are unique and an exciting addition to the vinous landscape. I hope I can drag some of you out to the surf to catch the next wave!