You can’t help but think of Sonoma as being a little wild, rustic, and pioneering. With some of the original Bay Area wineries, as well as vast stretches of developing vineyards, the county is a small microcosm of what’s happening in California these days. It retains that warm patina of days gone by, while continuing to reveal new treasures almost daily.

One of the big issues facing producers up and down the state is the fate of Syrah. This chameleon of a grape (one I rank right up there with Riesling as far as its ability to express the terroir of a site) seems to have never really found its audience. That, my friends, is a shame, because Syrah is one of the great grapes of the world, and one well-deserving of your attention. Add in the fact that the current oversupply of Syrah has depressed the market, and you can’t help but come to the conclusion that it’s time to try some Syrah!