My how this year has gone by. It’s time again to scramble for gifts, but there's good news: it is a great time to find the perfect wine gift for your favorite wine lover. Whether they are a connoisseur or amateur, there simply have never been so many great wines, and wine gift deals, from which to choose.

One trait that virtually every wine lover shares is the desire to learn more about wine. When gifting wine I always like to give at least two bottles of the same wine. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and allows the recipient the chance to experience the wine at different stages of development.

Another way to both give a wine gift that keeps on giving, and further your favorite wine lover’s journey of discovery is by enrolling him, or her, in a wine club. Wine clubs will send your favorite wine lover new wines on a regular schedule, extending the gift giving season, and offering them a chance to experience new, and frequently exclusive wines, while being reminded of your generosity and thoughtfulness all year long. There are even "build your own" clubs that allow you to customize the selections to fit any budget or palate.

Some Wine Gift Guidelines

Every holiday season it seems to get more and more difficult to find that perfect gift for your favorite wine aficionado. I like to try and find wines that come from years that are significant to the gift’s recipient, perhaps an anniversary year, or birth year. Another option that is always fun is to find wines with significant names, both Wyatt and Atticus have come in handy for me! If all else fails, going the gift card route lets your friends and family choose the wine gift that's perfect for them.