I've been lucky enough to spend some time in Soave and through the generosity of the producer, I've been able to taste many wines, several in multiple vintages.

This experience has certainly shifted my opinion of Soave from a simple, easy to drink young wine to one that almost requires some age to show its best. Time and time again I felt that young versions of certain wines were simple and a bit richly fruited, only to discover that with a few years age, these wine turned into fresh (fresher than on release) expressive wines with a real sense of place.

I'm not suggesting that these wines are going to become your new favorites, but I hope you take a look at my notes and see some that might lead you to a producer whose style you'll like. I was honestly impressed with the way many of these wines developed in the bottle and can see a whole new audience for these wines once they have been aged for several years.

Of course that is not always possible and many people already love Soave on release, but if you've never had a Soave that sang to you, you might have just been drinking them too young!

2007 Sandro de Bruno Soave Colli Scaligeri
Just lovely on the nose with wonderful soil tones, flint, sour and slightly waxy fruits and a hint of almond all coming together. Almost loose on entry but with this great riverstone minerality that builds tension in the mouth as the slightly Muscat perfume builds on the palate. The fruit leans towards the citrusy end of the spectrum with this sapid, crystal clear minerality that extends right through the succulent long finish. 94pts

2001 Gini Salvarenza Soave Classico
White Burgundy-like on the nose with high-toned floral notes framed by notes of incense, mushrooms and waxy white fruits. Super elegant in the mouth with a touch of bottle sweetness to the almond and orchard fruit flavors. This is bright and precise with a combination of impressive freshness and lovely evolution of flavors. 93pts

2007 Montetondo Foscarin Slavinus Soave Superiore Classico, 13.5%
This smells of machine oil and butcher’s wax, sweet ripe fruit peaches, pressed flowers, banana peel (or maybe more plantain). Lightly nutty and super complex on the nose. Gorgeously balanced with rich fruit, brassy acids, precise succulent flavors of peach, almond skin, mineral and dried apricot. This finishes with real richness and an almost sweet note before settling into a long, dried apricot-laced and mineral finish. Atypical, but impressive. Wow, really balanced and complex. 92pts