The Veneto is home to some of the most profound red wines of italy. Of course we all know these wines, Amarone in particular but to a lesser extent Valpolicella and the very popular if less to my taste valpolicella Ripasso, but the veneto is also home to two fabulous indigenous white wines, as well as a slew of other wines that are easily crafted on the sweeping plains that are less well suited to red varieties.
In particular we should think of Soave, from the volcanic hills in the eastern side of the province, as well as Lugana, produced in the west on the lands bordering Lake Garda as the twin white jewels of the Veneto. Today I would like to focus for a moment on Soave.
I have written before of Soave on these pages, Soave’s Back! a wine struggling to emerge from decades of identification with a handful of brands that valued quantity over quality. Today’s Soave is a fabulous wine, as the best examples have always been. Both fresh and rich, predominantly produced from the Garganega variety, Soave offers the consumer a mid weight wine with the fruit of a warm climate, rich with peachy and lemon pith flavors, but at the same time there is so much more available for those who want to explore these wines.