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Kirk and Sweeney 23 Year Rum ($59): Rum comes in all sorts of shades and styles. Some are clear, others gold and some darker in color. Most think of Rum as a cocktail component, something its quite good at. Be it classics like mojito’s and rum and coke or less traditional drinks there’s a lot you can do with Rum. Personally my favorite thing to do with Rum is sip it neat. A lot of the Rum that you’d find on your local shelf isn’t meant to be sipped neat; they’re in the previously mentioned blending category. But the uptick in popularity for sipping Rum means that they’re getting a bit more shelf space these days. And well they should as the flavor profile of Rum, while having a pretty broad spectrum, is different than any other spirit out there. When they’re produced with care, in an honest manner and aged appropriately they can have the structure and depth of fine Scotch. You can also get a lot more Rum for your money than you can with high end Scotches of comparable quality. Kirk and Sweeney a producer of Dominican Rum has been on my radar for some time, but I just sampled their 23 Year old offering for the first time.
Kirky and Sweeny 23 was produced entirely from hand harvested sugar cane. Its byproduct, blackstrap molasses was fermented and distilled. Aging occurred in American oak barrels for twenty three years. Aromas of grated dark chocolate, toasted hazelnut and date are evident. Dry mission fig, bits of brown sugar, white pepper and continued wisps of hazelnut are present. Another bit of dusty dark chocolate is evident on the long finish. This is an exceptional sipper from the dryer side of the rum spectrum. Kirk and Sweeny 23 has depth, character, length and not a hint of burn on the finish. All of those things make it a pleasure to contemplate and keep on sipping over a long night.

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