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Tequila continues to be one of the hottest spirits in the world. People love to mix it into cocktails, drink it neat and even infuse it with other flavors. So it’s not surprising that the Sebastiani family would get into the Tequila business through 3 Badge Mixology, their Spirits Company. They work with a third generation master tequilero, Felipe Camarena to create their portfolio of Tequilas. The name Pasote is derived from the spirit of Aztec Warriors. Everything about the packaging of the Pasote Tequila’s aligns with that. The bottles are comprised of handmade glass. Each is unique as they contain slight irregularities in shape as well as patterns. The labels are screen printed on; each expression features a different Aztec image. Beautiful packaging is nice, but it wouldn’t matter much if the contents of the bottles weren’t also well made and delicious; thankfully they are.
Pasote Blanco Tequila ($49): Pasote Blanco is produced from agave grown in the Highlands of Jalisco. Pasote utilizes rainwater and natural spring water in their distillation process. The agave is grown by their master tequilero. The moment you stick your nose in the glass the aromas of fresh Agave leap out. Tangerine rind and a gentle hint of thyme are present as well. Taking the first sip a sense of purity envelops your senses. Agave nectar, continued citrus and hints of vanilla are all in evidence. The finish is long, lingering and pure with all of the prior characteristics joined by bits of spice.

Pasote Reposado Tequila ($59): This Reposado which is distilled using the same materials and process as the Blanco is then aged in American oak for six months. Toast, vanilla and tropical fruit aromas rule the day here. There’s a soft nature to the palate that’s apparent the moment you take a sip. The flavors are gentle, but layered. Citrus, a bit of papaya and additional wisps of vanilla are all in play. The above average finish reverberates long after the Pasote Reposado is swallowed repeating all of the prior sensations and begging you back to the glass for sip after sip. This is a refined Reposado with above average complexity for the price point.

The Blanco is complex and sips nicely straight up, particularly as a partner to lighter foods. It also makes a really great cocktail ingredient. I infused it with fresh strawberries. It’s easy, pretty quick and the results are delicious.

Strawberry Infused Tequila
1 lb. Fresh, Ripe Organic Strawberries
1 Bottle Pasote Blanco
Wash the strawberries and remove the stems. Slice the strawberries and place them in a large sealable jar. A 64 oz. Mason jar works perfectly. Pour the bottle of Tequila over the strawberries and seal the jar. Leave it in a cool, dry place for 3 days. After 3 days pass, strain the tequila through a fine filter. Discard the strawberries and pour the Tequila back in the bottle and store it in the freezer. This Strawberry infused Tequila will work really well for mixed drinks. It’s also delicious sipped on its own, from a Tequila or Port glass.

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