Dos Maderas Luxus Doble Crianza Rum ($180): When sipping Rum became one of my favorite Spirits Dos Maderas PX 5+5 was one of the selections that made my head turn. That offering which sells for around $40 is one of the best values in Rum offering tons of flavor and visceral enjoyment for the price. So when I found out Dos Maderas was upping their game with a super luxury offering I was really curious to try it and see how it compared to both their 5+5 and also other entries in the luxury rum category.Luxus is produced from Rum that is distilled in Barbados and Guyana. It spends 10 years there aging in oak. Then it’s shipped to the Sherry region of Spain to age for an additional 5 years in ex-Sherry casks.  Luxus then undergoes minimal filtration and is bottled by hand. A mere 3,000 bottles will be released each year.

Luxus is best served in Brandy Snifters which help underscore the aromatics. When you pour it the deep, copper-laden color sparkles in the glass. Sticking your nose in reveals an intense potpourri of aromas such as toasted pecan, vanilla, leather and a hint of cocoa. The palate is deep, layered, complex and intense while maintaining great proportion. Roasted nuts, mission fig, dates, and wisps of cholate are all present. The finish is impossibly long with flavors dancing on your tongue well after the last sip is swallowed. Bits of marzipan and continued nut characteristics are present. There’s a grace and elegance here that makes Luxus an incredibly sophisticated entry in the sipping Rum category. In terms of quality it compares well to Ambassador, Diplomático’s highest end offering as well as the English Harbour Vintage 1981 25 Year Old. If you’re looking to try one of the best Rums in the world Dos Maderas Luxus Doble Crianza should be on your short list. If you’re already a fan of the brand, treat yourself to their masterpiece for a special occasion.