Blue Nectar Reposado Special Craft ($60): Sipping Tequila has been on a precipitous rise in the United States over the last decade. Those of us ordering Tequila to drink on its own are far less likely to be tossing it back as a shot. More and more of us are slowly savoring it as we would Scotch, Cognac or other fine, distilled Spirits. And even if we are ordering a cocktail, chances are we want something of quality and substance in there; many will have a specific brand or two in mind. As interest has grown the number of artisan producer has as well. Blue Nectar is a Detroit based company that produces their Tequila’s in Jalisco, Mexico the home of blue agave. Currently they have 4 Tequilas in their line and two of them are Reposados. A Reposado can be aged in barrel for up to 364 days; the moment it hits 365 it legally becomes an Añejo.This Tequila is distilled twice. After that it’s aged an average of 7 months in toasted American oak. It’s also infused with a bit of agave nectar and essential oils. These additions bring the aroma of agave closer to the forefront than normal. Aromas of mesquite honey, agave and bits of thyme are evident on the nose. The palate is deeply layered, concentrated and elegant. Oodles of spice note are evident alongside roasted chestnuts, marzipan and a pure burst of agave. White pepper and hints of brown sugar are evident on the long, pleasing finish.

This Reposado from Blue Nectar is perfectly suited for solo sipping, but it will also take your cocktails to the next level. I tried the one below from a recipe on their website and loved it.

Quixote’s Nectar

2 parts Blue Nectar Reposado Special Craft
1 part Aperol
Dash of Fee Bros. Black Walnut bitters or chocolate bitters
In a mixing glass, combine the tequila, Aperol and bitters. Top with ice and stir for 30 seconds. Strain over ice.