We announced on Tuesday that Rich Tomko would become the new CEO of Snooth.

I started Snooth on November 17, 2006 -- nearly four years ago to the day. Since then, we've raised several million dollars in financing, built the team to 20 and figured out the business model sufficiently to get us to profitability. We've undergone pivots, hit dead ends, failed (lots) and ultimately navigated our way down a successful path.

Snooth was originally conceived as an in-store kiosk company. The idea was that retailers would rent Snooth kiosks, which would function as "digital sommeliers." Customers would scan a bottle and the kiosk would display information about the wine. Snooth.com was built as a showcase to highlight the technology. Luckily, the demo site took off, iPhones and other smartphones were released, and the idea of the kiosk fell by the wayside. Looking back, I'm glad I'm not involved in renting and maintaining kiosk hardware.