The Wines of Scarpa

Gathering wine writers in a Chinese restaurant to taste some of the finest wines of Piedmont


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Benito's Wine Reviews

You are in a Chinese restaurant in Manhattan in a room full of strangers that you've only met through a computer network. You have been invited to try Italian wines that haven't been sold in the United States for twenty years. Your mission is to write about them.

There are moments in my life when, faced with a new situation, I wonder what ten year old me would think about it. Around that time, I can imagine such a scene as the start of a Choose Your Own Adventure book. I've traveled quite a bit in my lifetime and have gotten to do some amazing things, but there are still those unique experiences I think that ten year old me would love to read about and dream about having... 


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    This is great, I'm so sad i missed this dinner. Love how all the different perspectives come together to form a good consensus of the wines.

    Apr 10, 2013 at 7:38 PM

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