Zinfandel is an American treasure. There are great old-vine vineyards around the globe that range from Nero d’Avola in Italy to Grenache in Spain and Malbec in Argentina, but only in California can we find the finest examples of Zinfandel. And when the discussion comes around to Zinfandel and experiencing all it has to offer, one is inevitably drawn to ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates & Producers)'s Annual Zinfandel Festival, one of the premier wine-tasting festivals held in this country, and one that just happens to focus on Zinfandel exclusively.

This year’s ZAP Festival will be held in San Francisco from January 27 to 29. There are great seminars but the real attraction has to be the grand tasting, where you can try hundreds of great wines. With so many wines to choose from, it may get a bit overwhelming, but I have been able to secure a sneak peek at many of the wines that will be available and am identifying some of my favorites -- maybe they’ll be your favorites as well! Check out my first top 10 list inside.