Snazzy Sandwich & Wine Pairings


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Snazzy Sandwich & Wine Pairings I must have been under ten years old when I pulled out the family encyclopedia to look up ‘sandwich’. It was the 1967 edition of Britannica, acquired by my mother the year she married my father. Back then, the encyclopedia set was a requisite part of every household.

While encyclopedias have passed into obsolescence, sandwiches have not. They’ve only gotten more desirable and complex. Still, at their heart, they are sandwiches – two pieces of bread, with something yummy in the middle. (This is how my three-year old son will describe them.)

As for the pairings, wine will rescue any sandwich from dull simplicity. When the prep work is easy, chef can focus on more important matters like ingredient sourcing, flavor and texture combinations, and of course, the pairing. It may be cute in its uncommonness, but sandwich pairings give us a reason to drink wine with even the simplest of meals.

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