I believe that folks might already have gleaned that I am somewhat of a Zinfandel fanatic but some of my previous posts. In truth my job has resulted in my drinking less, not more Zin but left to my own devises that would not be the case. Zinfandel remains for me the greatest American wine, both for the sheer joyousness of the wine and the history that comes with them.
Today’s Zinfandel landscape is the richest in history, filled with old vine lots, amazing field blends, and some of the most talented winemakers in the industry, which is not surprising when you consider what terrifi expressions of terroir fine Zins can be. Yes it is true, Zinfandel is a great terroir wine. Just taste a few examples from Sonoma or Napa and it will become instantly obvious. And of course the many regions beyond the familiar that continue to produce world class Zins all have their own terroir to expres.  Just this summer I’ve reported on the wines of Lodi, Mendocino, and Lake counties. All fabulous regions for Zinfandel, and great value Zins at that. Today I turn the spotlight on what might very well be the black sheep of the Zinfandel family: Amador and the Sierra foothills!