Going to Shinn Estate Vineyards was somehow like coming home after months abroad. Five years ago, I signed up for Shinn’s e-mail blog, which has ever since arrived weekly in my inbox. Those e-mails explaining the daily work on the farm, new ventures in organic and biodynamic practices, the trials and tribulations of a Long Island wine-maker – they spoke to me. They had somehow become a small piece of my week where I could forget city life and vicariously live through this passionate producer’s words. So to return to Shinn and to taste these wines, which I had read so much about, was like coming home.

Barbara Shinn and David Page started planting vines at Shinn Estate Vineyards in the year 2000. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished in such a short period of time, because with only ten years under their belts, Shinn has managed to become synonymous with North Fork winemaking and pioneers of sustainable agriculture in Long Island. From natural fertilizers, cover crops and what Barbara describes as a “beneficial bug habitat,” Shinn Estates produces a number of compelling natural wines from their 20 acres of vineyards.