I’ve got to tell you, Sauvignon Blanc is just not that good! Seriously, what is with these wines? They lack the power, depth, complexity and aging potential of so many great white wines, yet people still gravitate towards them. What is up with that?

Well I’ll tell you what I think. Most Sauvignon Blancs, while not being monuments to winemaking, are just flat out fun to drink. There’s this ridiculous disconnect in wine where only wines with lots of points are deemed to be worth drinking. I’ve never really laid out my scoring methodology, but basically wines do get point for things like complexity and structure, which may not always be pertinent to every wine (case in point: Sauvignon Blanc).

Yes, there are great Sauv Blancs, but even some of these wines that don’t score the big points do deliver so much fun that it would be hard to believe they’re not super popular. So what am I trying to say here? Don’t get hung up on the point scores too much when looking for a zesty wine to quench your thirst. It’s that simple.

Photo courtesy Rivard via Flickr/CC