Over the past several months, we at The Spirit have taken a lot of time researching and analyzing what you, our readers, are interested in. We’ve spent countless hours looking at Google Analytics, seeing which articles get a lot of reader interest and spark conversation, and ones that don’t hit as close to home with all of you. One observation that was made very clear was that one of your favorite things to read about is simple cocktail concoctions that you can make at home. So, with that being said, we have introduced two very significant features that will each appear once a month: Sara’s Signature Cocktail, and a monthly How-To article, satisfying your cravings for cocktails, spirits, and do-it-yourself ideas.

This week we bring you Sara’s Signature Cocktail, brought to you by yours truly. Some of these drinks I come up with on my own, others I come across in research and put a little twist on them to make them different. Either way, these are easy and fun to make at home. This week Sara’s Signature Cocktail is in written form, but get ready for the following features to be in short videos, so you can make the drink along with me!

Coffee image via Shutterstock