Russian Man Builds House From Bubbly Bottles


This guy just took the phrase “sparkling wine estate” to a whole new level.
A 52-year-old Russian man named Hamidullah Ilchibaev has completed his piece de resistance, a home built from 12,000 sparkling wine bottles in the city of Chelyabinsk, news site Softpedia reported.
“Hamidullah Ilchibaev insists that, despite being made of champagne bottles, the house is just as sturdy as any run-of-the-mill ones,” the Softpedia story said. “Thus, he claims it will last for at least 100 years.”
According to the story, the man “took an interest in using beer or vodka bottles to build all sorts of things when he was much younger.”
Ilchibaev decided to build the home after one of his sons passed away at the age of 18. 
Novelty news site Oddity Central said he built the house in his son's memory.
“To construct the eccentric 99-square meter house, Hamidullah collected over 12,000 empty champagne bottles over the course of three years.”
The story said he collected some of the bottles from friends who owned restaurants in Chelyabinsk and he bought the rest. 
“Some he purchased at a ruble apiece, and others were donated by nearby restaurants,” Oddity Central reported this past Thursday. 
According to Softpedia, he cut the necks off the bottles and set them in place with a simple solution he created himself. The walls also include insulation.
Cutting the bottles was necessary, one source said, because the bottles were different sizes and hacking off their heads evened things out. 
“When I started to build, I hadn't even imagined that there are so many different kinds of bottles of champagne,” he said in the Oddity Central story. 
The bottles are set in such a way that if one of the bottles breaks, the story said, he can easily replace them.
Ilchibaev's project not only resulted in a rather odd home, but also in a Russian man who now may be the world's preeminent eyeballer of sparkling wine bottles.
“Hamidullah is now so well-versed with bottles that he's become an expert of sorts,” the Oddity Central article said. “He can identify the diameter of any bottle correctly, down to the millimeter!”
According to the Oddity Central story, though the project may seem like a money pit it was actually quite affordable.
“The house cost five times less than it would to build a cottage with regular materials,” the story said. “But Hamidullah says he wasn't thinking about the money, he just wanted to build the house the way his son wanted it.”
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