Italy is often overlooked when the discussion comes around to sparkling wine, and that is a shame. Several regions are renowned for their sparkling wines and some are producing Metodo Classico wines that can compete with the world’s finest, but are available for much less.

Rotari has emerged as one such producer. Using state-of-the-art facilities and the finest fruit born from pristine vineyards, Rotari has been able to craft wines of complexity and nuance -- elegant wines, seductive wines, world class wines, and yet these wines have remained the connoisseurs’ secret. If you're looking for value this holiday season but can't dream of giving up the fine mousse and complexity of the finest sparkling wine, then look no further!

Rotari sparkling wines deliver just that, great wines with all you've come to expect from the best sparkling wines, except for the high prices. These are wines that deserve to be featured in everyone’s holiday plans. Whether you prefer the Brut, Rosé, or Riserva, there is the Rotari wine that is just perfect for adding that dash of class to all your holiday events. And now you can arrive at those holiday events toting enviable Italian style! Imagine showing up with your favorite Rotari sparkling wine tucked into a new Gucci travel bag!

Simply visit, and fill out your entry form while uploading a picture of yourself with your favorite Rotari wine. You’ll be eligible to win one of six Gucci travel bags, suitable for a man or a woman, from this year’s fall collection. It’s the perfect way to reward good taste: with another example of Italian sophistication and classic design.

So, take the time to get to know Rotari. Take advantage of the connoisseurs’ secret! You may even be rewarded for your sophisticated palate. The contest runs through to 12/31/10 and winners will be drawn on 1/5/11. Rotari’s favorite entry pictures will be shared with Rotari fans on our Facebook profile once the contest is over.