Summer’s finally here.

This week marks the official start of summer and while it may not feel like summer in some parts of the country, I can’t help but think about what to drink while kicking back and relaxing on the patio with some light summery fare.

Cold grilled chicken, pasta salad, grilled veggies and fresh tomatoes all figure prominently in my summer plans. Plus one other thing: rosé wine. Like many people, I tend to forget about rosé for about nine months of the year, which is quite sad. Why I don’t remember to enjoy these delicious wines more frequently I just don’t know, but I plan to make up for it with a vengeance this summer.

There is a style of rosé for just about every palate, and every dish, so check out some of my favorites below. Keep in mind that these wines tend to be more food friendly and flexible than we assume, it is just our minds that look at these pretty, pale colors and fool us into believing that depth of color is directly related to depth of flavor. But we all know better than that, don’t we?

Take the Lucien Crochet Sancerre Rosé or the Apaltagua Rosé of Carmenere for example, two rather light colored wines that pack in tons of flavor and would be fabulous paired with grilled tuna or herb roasted pork loin. On the other hand, the Ehlers, Blackbird and Cline all are large scaled and pretty powerful, perfect for spicy food or grilled steaks. Pairing them with hamburgers might make you a backyard genius this summer!

So take some time this summer to explore rosé wines. They have never been better and we’ve never been blessed with a larger selection!

Photo courtesy of Blazey via Flickr/cc