Can you think about the holidays or is your mind blinded by the thoughts of IPads, red wine and Monolo Blahniks?

Say what? Keep reading and this holiday might turn out to be your best ever!

Whatever your plans for the coming holiday season, gifts and wine are going to be on the agenda. Why not make things easy on yourself and kill two birds with one stone? Simply let Rioja come to your rescue.

Rioja is a great choice for holiday sipping. The combination of warm spices and vanilla from oak ageing along with bright berry fruit from the noble Tempranillo grape makes for wines that are rich and balanced, easy on the palate (not to mention the pocketbook) and that pair elegantly with all your holiday fare.

Let’s Talk Turkey!

Why should you be thinking of Rioja for Thanksgiving? Primarily because Tempranillo has an ideal combination of juicy acidity, soft, velvety tannins and rich fruit flavors that make it the perfect complement to any turkey. 

As a recent article in Bon Appetit put it, “(Rioja) wines are, for example, typically more full-bodied than Pinot Noirs, but nicely acidic and less alcoholic than some of the bigger, bolder Cabernet Sauvignons. As a general rule, Rioja reds with an alcohol content of 13% to 13.5% are going to be better companions to turkey.”

Read the full article for details on how to tell one Rioja from another, and discover why Rioja is such a special and unique wine. For more information, and a chance to win some of those gifts we were talking about, sign up and join the Rioja wine community. For a limited time, when you sign up to join the Rioja wine community, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a pair of Monolo Blahniks, red, white, or whatever color your heart desires.

Can’t quite see yourself in a pair of stilettos? Then choose an iPad2 instead. You say you’re 6 ft 2 in., 225 lbs, played linebacker in college, already have your iPad, and have a girlfriend whose idea of a footwear choice is Chuck T’s or Docs? Well you can still win with Rioja. Sign up and join the Rioja wine community and you can enter to win a wine party for 20 people, complete with a Spanish wine expert sent right to your house!

So make your celebrations complete with a glass of Rioja, and make your holidays perfect with a new iPad, Manolos, or a house party for the ages.