Whatever your plans for the coming holiday season, gifts and wine are going to be on the agenda. Why not make things easy on yourself and kill two birds with one stone? Simply let Rioja come to your rescue with great wines, and killer prizes!

With seven days and counting, time is running out on learning the ins and outs of holiday wine pairings. Relax, it's a breeze with the great wines of Rioja. The range of Rioja wines, from young and fresh to elegant and refined, means that you'll be able to pair any menu with ease, and success!

Looking for a match for the classic Thanksgiving Day feast? Try the rich fruitiness of a younger Rioja, labeled Crianza or Joven.

Perfectly aged and released only when at its most expressive, the velvety soft, rounded and complex nature of Rioja Gran Reserva makes it an ideal partner for deep, savory dishes, like roast duck.

Not in a poultry mood? If lamb or beef is more your speed, then you should check out a Rioja Reserva. Offering up rich fruit and sweet oak notes, Rioja Reservas are a juicy partner for all your red meats.

Rioja Blanco is bright and refreshing with vivid citrus flavors that complement all styles of seafood dishes. Capture the spirit of the season by paring one with a stuffed fish dish, perfect for that lighter cuisine so many of us prefer.

Rioja's white wines, like their red siblings, require aging (in oak barrels and bottle) at the winery before release. This assurs that you'll get a mature bottle at its peak, even if you've just picked up the bottle on the way to dinner! What could be better than that? How about an iPad or a pair of Monolos?

For a limited time, when you sign up to join the Rioja wine community, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a pair of Monolo Blahniks, be them red, white, or whatever color your heart desires.

Can’t quite see yourself in a pair of stilettos? Then choose an iPad2 instead. You say you’re 6 ft 2 in., 225 lbs, played linebacker in college, already have an iPad, and have a girlfriend whose idea of a footwear choice is Chuck T’s or Docs? Well, you can still win with Rioja. Sign up and join the Rioja wine community and you can enter to win a wine party for 20 people, complete with a Spanish wine expert sent right to your house!

So make your celebrations complete with a glass of Rioja, and make your holidays perfect with a new iPad, Manolos, or a house party for the ages.