2010 Leeuwin Estate Art Series Riesling Margaret River Australia 12% $17

This is herbal and a little stinky right out of the bottle though with time it picks up sweet grapefruit aromas with a hints of apricot and passion fruit adding complexity. A bit loosely knit on entry, this is easy drinking and transparent but lacks both depth of flavor and complexity. The finish is a bit short as well. 84pts

2011 Chateau Ste Michelle Dry Riesling Columbia Valley WA 12% $9

This smells lightly tropical on the nose with peach base notes covered with hints of guava and mint. A little trapped CO2 leaves a touch of fizz on the palate. This is round with mouth-filling breadth. It sits rather low on the tongue delivering lightly sweet flavors of pineapple, Meyer lemon and melon that turn pithy on the modest finish. Easy to drink and fresh, if slightly disjointed today. 84pts

2011 Hiedler Riesling Urgestein Langenlois Austria 13% $20

Very pretty on the nose with rich floral notes over lightly minty vegetal undertones that show a base of salty minerality. Very soft on entry, this is round and easy in the mouth with a slightly loose feel supporting mineral-inflected light orchard fruits. This seems to lack a center and is drifting around on the palate. My interest was saved only by the streaks of salty minerality that dot the lemony fruit of the palate. This smells quite attractive but it just doesn’t follow through in the mouth, though if you like sucking on rocks this does deliver with a fairly long, spicy finish. 84pts

2009 Knebel Riesling Trocken Von Den Terrassen 12.5% $14

A bit sulfury on the nose but this would still be smelling a bit of brimstone with its aggressive minerality. This is surprisingly perfumed considering the sulfur, with nice floral notes, a touch of apple fruit and some rusty, iron-rich stone. Surprisingly broad on entry, this is a rich trocken with well-integrated acidity that tightens up the mid-palate a bit. This remains a touch unfocused in the mouth. Very tough going on the finish. Minerality and coarseness with very little flesh covering the acidity make this like chewing a mouthful of rocks. Tough sell. 83pts

2010 Kuhling-Gillot Qvinterra Riesling Trocken 12.5% $16

Earthy on the nose with soapy floral notes over under-ripe pear fruit. Very light on the palate with bright, juicy acidity but not much else going on. There are suggestions of orchard fruits and lemon rind on the palate but this lacks intensity with a finish that shows refreshing acidity and a suggestion of minerality. Well made but fairly innocuous. 83pts

2009 Chateau Tanunda Grand Barossa Riesling Barossa Australia 12% $14

This is showing development on the nose with incipient banana peel and petrol notes adding complexity to the dried apple and pollen fruit on the nose. A bit reticent on entry, this has a lightweight texture with lovely, waxy fruit flavors and a touch of dried fruit adding complexity. The flavors are rather delicate and subtle with a finish that is short and also rather feeble. Fading with just a little complexity replacing what’s been lost. 83pts

2010 Beast Sphinx Riesling Wallula Vineyard Horse Heaven Hills WA 12.9% $25

This smells a bit cheesy and a bit caramel with honeycomb over pineapple and quince paste fruit aromas. Fairly dry on the palate with a nice entry but the palate shows a bit of hollowness. The flavors pick up that cheesy, roasted note of the nose. The finish shows lots of raw acid. Not showing what I want in a Riesling. 83pts

2011 Dr. Pauly Bergweiler Bernkasteler alte Badstube Spatlese ABV N/A $22

Under the screw cap reduction this shows effusive notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, candle wax, mint and licorice of all things. Sweet and a bit fat in the mouth, this is easy and fruity with some melon tones and a lightly sweet core of apple fruit. Not much of a finish. Drinkable but clunky. 80pts

NV Adirondack Winery Riesling Finger Lakes NY 13% $15

Not much going on the nose here though with air some subtle notes of mineral water and white pepper do emerge. Then, a roasted chestnut type of aromatic sweetness appears. In the mouth, this is more roasted chestnut with its earthy sweetness than overly fruity, though there are flashes of roasted peach as well. Plenty of acidity lends a lightly lemony accent to the flavors and helps create some appealing tension in the mouth, but the finish is where things fall apart as the acidity turns shrill and uncovered. 78pts