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50 wines from around the world rated and 5 great lists to explore


With the summer of Riesling in full swing, not to mention our own Riesling Global Tasting Initiative wrapping up, it’s a great time to talk about Riesling wines and those which might be perfect for your palate and pocketbook this summer.

Riesling is a tricky variety to review. It’s one that really requires you to read any review that is accompanying a point score. I’ve written about the fallibility of point scores in the past. If ever anyone needed an example of why, Riesling is ready to deliver.

While the vast majority of this crop of Rieslings falls within the dry to lightly off dry end of the spectrum, the fact that Riesling runs the gamut from bone dry to opulently sweet makes buying by the numbers a very dangerous proposition. As you’ll see from reading my notes, many wines can share the same point score, give or take, and yet represent wildly divergent styles.

Do you like wines that are all about acids and the accompanying minerality? Then you might enjoy The Beast more than I did, and you might enjoy it even more if paired with the right meal for that matter. Into sweetness and softness? Joel Gott’s Riesling is bound to ring your bell a bit more loudly than it did mine. These are wines with comparable scores, but the styles set them far from one another. You have to read the reviews when you’re looking for the right Riesling, that is for sure!

To help distill the notes that follow, I’ve broken down many of the wines into some easy to browse lists. As usual, all the notes for the wines tasted are listed on the following pages.

Did I miss your favorite Riesling? Leave a comment and let me know!

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