Riesling and Rap

The new Cristal on the scene?


In the beginning it was Cristal. Then Ace of Spades. So where his hip hop culture turned to now for refreshment? Well I guess the recession really has hit everyone hard, since the new darling isn't some super premium Champagne, it's not even sparkling wine!

In fact, this is almost like Rodney Dangerfield meets the Dunkalicious era. Yes, it's the wine that gets no respect: Riesling.

Lately, Riesling – that love to hate, too difficult to understand wine – has been free flowing, whetting the whistles of some of today's top singers.

Check it out, yo!

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There's no beating around the bush here. It's plain as day and right there, in the title of "Riesling and Rolling Papers"! Fabolous is finishing up his Riesling and ready to twist another one. What wine could he be thinking of? I don't know, but something mouthwatering might be in order here, with a little sweetness to take off that bitter edge. I'm thinking Kabinett with tons of acid. Robert Weil sounds like a winner and with rapper's money, you can even afford to buy some!

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Drake, T.I. and Swizz Beatz

Drake, along with T.I. and Swizz Beatz, teamed up last year to produce “Fancy,” an ode to a certain type of woman rappers tend to encounter more frequently than many of us. You know, the fancy type. Well, these women evidently aren't so convinced by Riesling and bowls of baked ziti than say, a closet full of designer clothes and a triple white Caddy. Well, duh! This is not the time for Blue Nun, or perhaps more fittingly in this scenario, “Blue you ain't gettin' none”!

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Rihanna, Jay-Z and Kanye West

The real start to all of this must have been rap royalty's nod to Riesling in "Run This Town.” Rihanna, Jay-Z and Kanye West collaborated on this epic triple threat. Kanye gives the nod to Riesling here. In fact, he's beasting on the Riesling of his bee stung, bottom-heavy paramour! Let's see, tight up front, with a big, rich, meaty follow-through. Sounds like an Auslese from the Pfaltz! Check out Donnhoff's 2006 Schlossbockelheimer Felsenberg. Try to weave that into your next rhyme!

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  • Snooth User: tenart
    821305 15

    Can anyone help me? Would like to know how to host a blind wine tasting party.
    Don't have a clue.

    Jun 14, 2011 at 3:38 PM

  • Riesling has been a huge seller for wineries with the Afro-American community in PA, of course most do not know that PA produces some the the worlds best Rieslings, another hot item is a European style Gluewien called Alpine Spice from Sand Castle Winery, people buy it by the case not the bottle.

    Jun 14, 2011 at 8:49 PM

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