Restaurant wine lists can be intimidating, but navigating the wine list is actually pretty simple. With a just a few easy tips you can learn to order the perfect wine for your meal off any restaurant wine list.

The best way to make sure you get what you want from the wine list is knowing what you want. A little wine knowledge can go a long way towards helping you navigate any restaurant wine list. Take the time to learn the basics types of wine, and sharpen your skills by taking note of pairings that work for your palate, as well as those that make you want to retch! There are a few tricks worth knowing about many, if not most, restaurant wine lists. Stick with these and you'll be drinking like royalty!

1.) The lowest-priced wines on a restaurant wine list tend to have the highest mark-ups. What does that matter? Not terribly much, except for the fact that as far as values go, they can frequently be dogs.