Pinot Noir

Light and fresh on the nose with fresh wood base notes and gently sweet aromas of blackberry, huckleberry and candied wild cherry. With air, more perfumey oak emerges but it's still quite subtle. This enters the mouth with acidity to the fore that is decisive, bright and cutting, followed by a lovely and intense mouthful of dried herbs, orange rind, sour cherry and cranberry fruit. The tannins have a bit of a raw feel to them and need some food or a year or two in the cellar to help them resolve a bit, but this is so fresh and unfettered in the mouth that its already a pleasure to drink. The finish is dry, minerally and reminiscent of old wood spread with wild raspberry jam that pops on the finale. 93pts
Tight and mineral on the nose with an overlay of sweet, toasty oak and a base of red fruit framed with rose petals. This enters the mouth with terrific energy. The acidity really holds this up like a tent pole, allowing the transparent red fruit to cascade around the palate with nuanced notes of lightly nutty oak and a hint of caramel sweetness adding detail. The back end shows off more strawberry-toned fruit with the light earthy astringency of strawberry seeds and a hint of tar before the wine trails off on the clean, fresh finish. The tannins here are lovely, super fine grained and supportive, but you really don't even notice them. Suave stuff. 92pts
Herbal and medicinal on the nose with sweetly nuanced, tight wild berry fruits and hints of juniper and sage. Round and soft in the mouth, but not from a lack of acidity. This just has a languid if juicy style that allows the subtly complex notes of dried herbs, candied cherry fruit, earth, old wood and almost floral fennel spice to drift across the palate before they hit the backstop of that acidity. The finish is much more lively, offering fine cut and lovely little nubby, sweet tannins for some textural diversity. There's a touch of bitterness and a hint of red apple peel on the moderately long finish that add some lovely detail here. This has soul. 92pts
Mineral earth and a light underlayment of oak support a tart, cherry pie filling style of fruit with minty and blueberry top notes. This is pretty big in the mouth but remains fairly lightweight. I think the modestly high alcohol adds to the impression of richness here, but the intensity of the flavors are undeniable. While the nose shows quite subtle wood spice, it's more obvious in the mouth, coming together with gentle hints of herb, coffee and mineral to create real complexity. The dark berry fruits take on shadings of blueberries and watermelon. The finish shows more tension with fine-grained, dusty tannins and sapid acidity accenting a bit of espresso foam over astringent red fruits. This is intense and fairly elegant though for my palate, it shows a bit too much oak. 92pts
Tight on the nose with almond shell top notes and slow to emerge raspberry, sour cherry and cranberry fruit topped with hints of candied orange. Very elegant if a touch tight on entry, this quickly shows a bit of nutty oak along with a focused core of small, sour red fruits framed with dried spice notes. The wood tannins arrive on the mid-palate to tighten things up and accentuate a bit of wood spice that flows onto the finish, which is almost peppery and long with wild red berry fruits. The oak is a bit prominent here both texturally and in terms of flavor, but the underlying wine should emerge intact after a year or two in the cellar. 91pts
Sweet candied herbs, vanilla, bay leaf, chinato, wild cherry, sage and a little caramel all come together on this complex and pungent nose. That intensity carries over to the palate, which displays all sorts of bitter and ripe herb, accenting bright sour cherry and cranberry fruit. There's noticeable tannin here and vanilla with modest spice notes from the oak. The palate shows some nuances of funky, almost gamy dried herbs and some nuttiness which adds detail to the fairly tannic, long and tart fruit finish. Unusual yes, but attractive, super complex and very interesting. Will be divisive. 91pts
Very delicate on the nose with lacy aromas of spiced strawberry fruit, freshly turned earth and some used wood. Light and elegant in the mouth this enters with a hint of baby fat but quickly turns taut and transparent in the mouth. the flavors are subtle and recall the tart berry and used wood found on the nose. theres a fine base of ripe supple tannins adding support in the mouth here and they stick out just a touch on the moderately long and simple tart red berried finish but i find that attractive. This is very subtle but that is what many look for in Oregon Pinot. I find this very attractive but others might find it a bit too restrained. 87pts
Tight on the nose with lightly smoky oak notes over a base of stemmy, rose scented red berry, lingonberry fruit. Simple with immediate and attractive red cherry fruit, this gains some detail and nuance on the palate with lovely hints of dried herb stems and used wood. The texture here is also attractive and while this does thin out on the midpalate before fading on the finish the wine maintains its balance with acid and tannin fading out hand in hand. This has a simple flavor profile but has a very attractive texture. 86pts