As I sit here trying to come to some conclusion it occurs to me that perhaps I am going about this all wrong. I amafter all a wine snob. Yes, it’s true, I am biased and I know it. I am first and foremost a red wine drinkerso when I think of the best regions my thoughts automatically run towards things like Nebbiolo and Piedmont, PinotNoir and Burgundy, Syrah and the Rhone. It is a stretch for me to think of great regions for white wine before these reds and that’s just wrong, don’t you think?

Even when we come to the new world we are faced with Malbec and Mendoza, Zinfandel and the Dry Creek Valley, Pinot Noir in the Russian River Valley, and of course Cabernet in Napa. Whither the whites? Sure there are some great regions for whites. Take last year’s 2012 Region of the Year; the Alto Adige. It’s a region packed with great wines, red and white, which is why I selected it, and in hindsight it seems as though the power of their whites weighed heavily in my decision making process.