Raise Your Glass to Better Wine Preservation

The best protection against the enemies of wine



For wine, the world is fraught with peril. Insidious adversaries–temperature and humidity, visible and invisible light, vibration and agitation – lurk at every turn to despoil wine’s flavors, aromas, colors and textures. Fortunately, wine has an ally even more powerful than its enemies: the Sub-Zero wine preservation and storage system.


HEAT - No one likes premature aging. But that is what excessive heat and unstable temperatures cause in wine. Sub-Zero maintains wine’s perfect habitat – cool and steady – in up to three independent storage zones. Each can be set in a range of 39°F to 65°F. Digital controls hold the temperature within one degree of the set point.

LIGHT - Light affects aging and has been implicated in causing unpleasant aromas. That is why many winemakers use dark bottles. But invisible ultraviolet light penetrates even dark glass – not to mention the glass doors of many cooling units. Sub-Zero’s UV-resistant bronze-tinted glass shields wine from harmful rays.

VIBRATION - A rough, noisy compressor would disturb more than the peace of your household. Mechanical vibration can damage delicate wines, such as Pinot Noir. Sub-Zero’s quiet compressor lets wines rest undisturbed. Shelves glide in and out smoothly, providing access without agitating the wine.

HUMIDITY - When it comes to humidity, wine appreciates moderation. Too little moisture in the air makes corks dry out and shrink, letting the wine oxidize. Too much makes labels peel and rot. Sub-Zero’s dual evaporators – one for each storage zone – maintain steady, moderate humidity.

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