Carla Capalbo is joining us today to answer questions about her experiences along the food lover's journey. In case you missed it, we published an intriguing article by Carla earlier this week entitled Tasty Italian Hospitality. Though she touches on the nature of Italian hospitably, Carla shifts gears halfway through the article to focus on the wines of the Collio region of Friuli and the culture of the Osteria.

Taken together, the article encapsulates the spirit of Italian hospitality, with specific pairings and recommendations allowing you to experience life as an Italian no matter where you are!

Carla has an intimate relationship with the Italian lifestyle. Having lived in Italy for two decades, she has written extensively about Italian food, wine and culture. You would be hard-pressed to find a better resource to help you explore Italy from the comfort of your own home!

Carla's work is regularly featured on , and her new website highlighting her extensive work is live at

Photo courtesy Zester Daily